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EducationCity Main Library Gwangju (광주시립도서관)


Basis for this project is international competition for central library in Gwangju city, announced in November 2019. The 32,000㎡  site is centered around a decommissioned incinerator. The structure including the chimney is 80m high. Preservation and activation of this structure is planned according to competition guidelines. Subject of the first phase of development of the whole area is a location west of the incinerator, with an area of 19,000㎡ . Competition guideline envisioned construction of the library (total floor area of 11,000㎡ ), with a possibility of extension. Extending the floor area of the library implies development of the other secondary programs.

In the first phase, we can divide building in to 1 distinct segments. The subterranean segment, arranged aroungd central courtyard (amenities), and overground linearly arranged segment (material use.)

Overground segment with a complete material use and entrance hall is organized along the slope, 192m long, and 20m wide. Slope is divided into 8 identical 490㎡  cascaded platforms. Difference in height between platforms is 150cm. First platform on the ground level is assigned to the entrance hall. From here, visitors are directed to the material use on the 7 other platforms, and other programs on level -6.00m. Children space in located on the second and the third platform, multimedia is on the fourth and the fifth and general material use is on the remaining 3. The final platform is on level 10,50m. In the second phase, additional 4 platforms are planned, penetrating incinerator and integrating its constructive system. Structural frame is visibly integrated in the design concept of the building. Truss height is 1 Om, and usable height in the platforms is around 9m. Funicular at north facade is intended for book distribution as well as travel of disabled people.

Courtyard hall is actually enclosed extension of the courtyard.

Summers and springs in Gwangju are rainy. Ordinary courtyard is by itself a valuable urban element. Competition idea about large, semi covered courtyard, is during design process fulfilled all expectations. It undoubtedly enriches and humanizes supporting programs of the library (education, administrative offices, cafe, fitness ... ). However, main predisposition of the courtyard is the fact that it stimulates socialization and enriches friendly mentality of the whole district, both during the day and the night.

  Gwangju Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea
  Gwangju Metropolitan City


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